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AM / PM is a podcast from behind-the-studio with the Amaeya Media Network. We'll share how we think about podcasts, insights from our CEO & hosts from the podcast community.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Take the 2020 Podcast Survey

    We need your help to better understand what you like, and don't like, about podcasts and how 2020 may have affected your listening. Please take a couple minutes to complete [our survey]( We’re also giving away a pair of Apple’s new AirPods Pro to one lucky survey taker. ...


  2. Introducing: Tell Me More

    We've launched a new podcast, [Tell Me More](, for kids and adults. Join 8-year-old Spatika, who's lived in Dubai all his life, and Liz McEnaney, who've moved here recently as they uncover what the city looked like in the beginning. ...


  3. Alli Webb on the line between business and personal, and Raising the Bar

    I'm joined on the episode by Alli Webb, the founder of the [Dry Bar](, and host of [Raising the Bar](, a podcast she started with her brother (and Dry Bar co-founder) Michael Landeau, and now hosts with her partner, Adrian Koehler. We get into her motivation to launch a podcast ...


  4. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, with Ramsey Tesdell and Lucas Skrobot

    Our CEO Chirag Desai was joined by Ramsey Tesdell, CEO of [Sowt](, and Lucas Skrobot, host of [The Lucas Skrobot Show]( last week on Twitter Spaces to talk about Apple's announcement for podcasters to offer subscriptions within their platform, and what it means for creators. ...


  5. This year, on AM/PM

    Welcome to AM/PM! Subscribe to the show in your podcast app to be alerted when new episodes drop later this month! ...